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General product name

Suspension damping elements: shock absorbers

Certificate type

Certificate of compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (technical regulations of the Customs Union)


TR CU 018/2011 On the safety of wheeled vehicles

43k certificates of the TR TS 018/2011

EAEU products group

Ball joints and steering

254 certificates for this group

Clutches and their parts (discs, cylinders, hoses)

285 certificates for this group

Complete brake mechanisms, brake discs and drums, pneumatic brake chambers (including those with a spring brake), pneumatic brake cylinders, parts and assemblies of mechanical drives of the brake system: adjusting devices of brake mechanisms, parts of the drive of the parking brake system (including cables with lugs assembled)

428 certificates for this group

Details of the suspension guide vane (levers, reaction rods, their pins, rubber-metal joints, bearings and support bushings, suspension travel stops)

451 certificates for this group

Elastic suspension elements (leaf springs, springs, suspension torsion bars, anti-roll bars, pneumatic elastic elements)

265 certificates for this group

Heat exchangers and thermostats

330 certificates for this group

Nodes and parts of car steering: steering wheels, steering mechanisms, steering boosters, hydraulic pumps, distributors and power cylinders of steering amplifiers, steering columns, angular gears, steering shafts, steering rods, intermediate bearings of the steering drive and levers, pivots of pivots

373 certificates for this group

Pads with lining assemblies for disc and drum brakes, friction linings for drum and disc brakes

431 certificates for this group

EAEU nomenclature of goods subject to foreign trade codes

8708803509 - Other suspension shock absorbers, others

841 certificates for code 8708803509


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Registration date

Sept. 8, 2014


109428, Moscow, Ryazan District, Zaraiskaya St., 21, Room 306

Main activity

Wholesale trade of automotive parts, assemblies and accessories, except for the activities of agents

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Primary State Registration Number (OGRN)



Danilov Sergey Vladimirovich

46 certificates of the LLC «A.P.R.»


Full name

ATH & S; GmbH


Germany, Broenninghauser Street, 33, 33729 Bielefeld Location Of Business: China, Longkou Economy Development Zone, Longkou City, Shandong Province

18 certificates of the «Ath & S; Gmbh»

Organization for certification

Full name

LLC «Эксперт-Сертификация»


305000, Kursk region, Kursk, Central district, street Pochtovaya, 23, pom 8

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Accreditation Status


Registration date

March 9, 2017

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Kholnazarova Irina Georgievna

2k certificates of the LLC «Эксперт-Сертификация»