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Casual shoes for toddlers (summer and spring-autumn with a closed heel), small children, preschool (with a fixed heel), for schoolchildren, girls, boys with a top made of polymer materials, including artificial leather, including elements made of textile materials, polymeric materials, rubber, leather with preserved hair and natural fur, plant materials, paper, paper fiber, cellulose, cellulose paste, paper straw, metal, with a lining and insole made of textile materials (with the attachment of chemical fibers not more than 20% for toddlers and footwear for small children), polymeric materials, including artificial leather (in open shoes except for toddlers and young children), with rubber soles, polymeric materials and their combinations, chemical,mechanical and combined fastening methods, including one-piece: boots, ankle boots, including

Certificate type

Сертификат соответствия требованиям технического регламента Евразийского экономического союза (технического регламента Таможенного союза)


TR CU 007/2011 On the safety of products intended for children and adolescents

68k certificates of the TR TS 007/2011

EAEU products group

Boots, boots, half boots, boots, low shoes, shoes, sandals and other types of footwear made of leather, chrome leather, textile synthetic and artificial materials, rubber, rubber-textile and combined, declared by the manufacturer as intended for children and adolescents

4.8k certificates for this group

EAEU nomenclature of goods subject to foreign trade codes

6402200000 - Shoes with an upper made of straps or strips, riveted to the sole and with a rubber or plastic upper

159 certificates for code 6402200000

6402919000 - Other footwear, covering the boat, other

1.5k certificates for code 6402919000

6402991000 - Other footwear with soles and rubber upper

148 certificates for code 6402991000

6402993100 - Other footwear, with a plastic upper, with a vamp made of straps or having one or more perforations, with a sole and a heel more than 3 cm high

186 certificates for code 6402993100

6402993900 - Other footwear, with a plastic upper, with a strap vamp or with one or more perforations

1.3k certificates for code 6402993900

6402999100 - Other footwear with plastic uppers, with insoles less than 24 cm

2.1k certificates for code 6402999100

6402999300 - Other footwear with a plastic upper, with an insole length of 24 cm or more, which cannot be identified as men's or women's shoes

362 certificates for code 6402999300

6402999600 - Other footwear with soles, with a plastic upper, with an insole length of 24 cm or more, for men

624 certificates for code 6402999600

6402999800 - Other footwear with soles, with a plastic upper, with an insole length of 24 cm or more, for women

558 certificates for code 6402999800


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Oct. 2, 1995


125039, Moscow, Presnensky District, Presnenskaya Nab, 10

Main activity

Other retail sale in non-specialized stores

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Dorobantu Lucian

240 certificates of the NAO «Zara Cis»


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Spain, A Coruna, Avenida De La Diputacion, Edificio Inditex, 15143 Arteixo

101 certificates of the «Tempe Sa»

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JSC «Кцсэ Кубань-Тест»


350915, Krasnodar Territory, Krasnodar, Krasnaya str., 124, office 1001

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July 15, 2002

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Cheuchev Ruslan Vladimirovich

958 certificates of the JSC «Кцсэ Кубань-Тест»